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The first time login process will walk you through setting up your initial profile, user name, and password.  Once your profile is updated and user name/password selected you be directed to the HuskyLink homepage where you can login with your new account.

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The automated FTN process will offer you two options:
  • Option 1: Submit your Social Security Number (verification purposes only) and your preferred email address and you will receive an email with your FTN in a few minutes.
  • Option 2: Submit some basic data about yourself so we can verify your identity and email your FTN to you within a few days.

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To obtain your first time number, log into Banweb, click on the personal information tab and copy your HuskyLink login information.

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Click on the "Reset Password" or "Forgot Your Username" links as needed.  Note:  If you reset password, your new password link will be sent to your email on file and is only valid for 36 hours.

If you have any questions about the first time number or first time login processes, please contact us.
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