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Share your alumni stories.  Login and go to My Class Notes, choose the category Alumni Stories and share your favorite memories from Tech.  Don't forget to include pictures!

Find your friends using the online directory. Add them to your friends list and they will receive an email from you (whether they are a member yet or not).  There's no better time to come back to Tech than Alumni Reunion.
Do you know where any of these lost class mates are?  If you do, please ask them to contact us so we can help reconnect them with their fellow alumni and the University.

Mohammad G. Abol
Mohammad S. Abtahi
Kenneth E. Aho
Alhadi A. Alrashdy
Chris R. Arnold
Diane M. Athanasoff
Jerry L. Bailey
Mark D. Baldwin
Robert M. Barron
Michael J. Beisel
Douglas W. Berg
Jon F. Beutler
Dr. Roy J. Bourcier Jr
Michael R. Branz
Gregory W. Bray
William W. Carson
Jill J. Cheal
Mark D. Colombino
Thomas J. Comstock
David A. Cook
Susan C. Crane
Mary Diedrich
Earl F. Dougovito
Eduat Etefia
Ahmad Fakheri
Edward J. Farkas
Kristen L. Flaa
James A. Fleming
William J. Foley
Richard R. Fraley Jr
William R. Fretz II
Abby S. Gans
Timothy J. Geiger
Raymond D. Geist
Jody L. Giddings
Nels M. Goddard
Robert J. Gray
Daniel J. Groh
Michael L. Guenther
Glen F. Gygax
Teresa T. Harris
Scott S. Hartsig
Freddy R. Higuerey-Reyes
Margaret E. Hughes
Amy S. James
Carlos A. Jimenez-Pino
Jaesuk Joe
Donald M. Jones
Jo Ann Kaleita
Rebecca K. Keranen
Pamela K. Klingaman
Robert J. Lander
Pongsak Leelayoova
Janice G. Lemire
Shari L. Lohela
Colette L. Lott
Michael A. Mackenzie
Michele F. Maijala
Jeffrey S. Martens
Thomas P. Maule
Preston J. McCreary
Mrs. Beth A. McKenerick
Garry R. McNeal
Doris J. Mehlberg
Valerie M. Miles
Michael E. Miron
Jacqueline A. Moshier
Sarah E. Moss-Blackstone
Janet L. Murray
Clifford D. Nelson Jr
John E. Niemela
Robert D. North
Paul H. Oakland
Marilyn J. Olson
Janice A. Oteh
Bobby E. Overfield
George M. Papadourakis
Terry W. Patterson

Dennis J. Peer
Steven T. Penley
Luanne S. Petty
Roxanne Rauch
Peter J. Ray
Rebecca L. Rey
Robin F. Righettini
Kathleen R. Ronan
Mrs. Barbara J. Rowe
Arthur W. Schubert
Gregg F. Seligmiller
Dr. Anwar K. Sheikh
Daniel E. Sherburn
Gary W. Simonson
Diane T. Spicer
Jeffrey R. Stouppe
Christopher R. Van Heck
Dorie W. VanderSluis
Lawrence J. Weatherspoon
Daniel J. Williams
George H. Williams Jr
Cary B. Williams
Susan Y. Yeager
Raymond J. Zak

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